You'd make the right decision

If you had access to the right information

Art of Logic's AI can help you unlock it using the sensors you already have 

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 You'd make the right decision

if you had access to the right data

Art of Logic's AI can help you unlock insights using the sensors you already have

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Proactive detection


Advanced insigths and alerts

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Business Insights

Discover patterns and trends


World class speed and efficiency

Empowering System Integrators

With Intelligent Solutions

We are a dynamic team of dedicated Software and Hardware engineers, working together to deliver technological advancements that surpass our individual imaginations. Through collaboration, we unlock our full potential and achieve groundbreaking global deployments, harnessing the power of Computer Vision, Machine Learning and AI.

As a Research & Development company, our experience and expertise enable us to expand our software repository and offer industries more effective solutions. With our in-house development capabilities, we have created the Samurai suite of products - Detect, Count, Face & Vehicle within the Nx Witness VMS.

Generate Actionable Insights

Cutting-edge Technology

This cutting-edge technology helps generate actionable data and extract meaningful insights, facilitating improvement and innovation across various sectors including government, policing, healthcare, retail, and defence.

Developing world-first technologies that are dependable and enable informed decision-making, regardless of market complexities or conditions. We take pride in providing System Integrators with accurate data and offering customers worldwide viable solutions.

At Art of Logic, we recognise the vital role played by system integrators in building robust and efficient technology ecosystems. That's why we are committed to equipping you with state-of-the-art tools and intelligent solutions, empowering you to enhance your integration capabilities. Our platform enables seamless integration of diverse systems, streamlines processes, and unlocks new opportunities for your clients.

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