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Here at Art of Logic, we operate in a fast-paced world where changes happen often and quickly. Our media release section includes all the exciting news and updated about Art of Logic, as well as industry news and analysis. 

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Introducing: AOL Samurai

07 Nov 2022

Discover Art of Logic's Samurai Software. Designed for use with Nx Witness VMS

Our Bayside Council Solution

Art of Logic 08 Aug 2022

Our Safer Streets Solution allows Local Government Areas to tackle their da

Iryx: Thermal Optics Platform

Art of Logic 08 Aug 2022

Iryx: Multi-spectral Visible & Thermal Imaging Solutions Multi-Spectral

Reduce Your Dependence On A Server With the Iryx Owl

Art of Logic 07 Aug 2022

Have you ever considered not having a surveillance server? The iryx owl cam

Nx Witness VMS Platform

Art of Logic 22 Jun 2022

Reliable Video Management Systems & surveillance solutions monitoring your

Facial Recognition Technology: An Effective Tool Against Gambling Addiction

Art of Logic 14 Jun 2022

Self-exclusion solution based on facial recognition South Australia

Announcing our new partnership with Corsight AI

Art of Logic 10 Mar 2022

Art of Logic has a history of innovative thinking and pioneering t

Announcing The Authorised Re-seller Partnership With Hanwha And Art of Logic

Art of Logic 08 Feb 2022

Art of Logic is thrilled to announce that it has entered an author

Iryx Platform

Art of Logic 08 Feb 2022

Iryx - Sensor Fusion Meets AI at the Edge There’s more that meets t

Introducing: The Ant

Art of Logic 20 Jan 2022