Introducing: AOL SAMURAI

Author: Art of Logic  Date Posted:7 November 2022 

Discover Art of Logic's Samurai Software. Designed for use with Nx Witness VMS.


Art of Logic Samurai presents the art and ethos of Samurai Warrior culture - encompassing the qualities that permeated every aspect of the daily lives of the Samurai Warriors - from meticulous attention to detail, to unwavering durability, strength, and technical perfection.

Art of Logic Samurai Face, Detect, Vehicle Count solutions leverage the latest software with optimised hardware, offering opportunities for improvement and innovation across Local Government Areas, Health Care, Industrial and Retail industries, whilst allowing your business to discover an enhanced wholistic perception of human behaviour patterns and movement.




AOL Samurai Face is a scalable and intelligent solution used to detect, recognise and count (optional) human identities across your network. An integration with Nx Witness VMS allows notifications in real time, when the added identities are detected. In addition to this, AOL Samurai Face provides accurate, customer-based statistics with people counting and demographic analytics.


Download AOL Samurai Face Media Release


AOL Samurai Detect is an intelligent, agile, and scalable solution for real-time video and image analysis. AOL Samurai Detect allows you to easily extract valuable metadata from videos or images and use it within your applications like advanced attribute smart search, enabling different analytic plug-ins, real-time targeted notifications and powerful customisation of events that can be triggered via user defined selection criteria.


Download AOL Samurai Detect Media Release


AOL Samurai Vehicle is a scalable solution enabling accurate vehicle recognition outcomes. A CCTV video stream is processed through an advanced algorithm, leveraging Plate Recognizer, to determine not just the make, model, type and colour of a vehicle, but the license plate number as well. An integration with Nx Witness VMS allows for advanced search functionality using any, all, or partial attributes from the analytic process, and, utilising the same technology, AOL Samurai Vehicle can derive vehicle count and average stay in and out of any environment which can be displayed in a visual dashboard. 


Download AOL Samurai Vehicle Media Release


AOL Samurai Count is a state-of-the-art people counting solution that is a modular, scalable software platform, for accurate and reliable people tracking. Compatible with existing camera hardware, AOL Samurai Count is an accurate alternative to legacy counting solutions, enabling you to analyse customer volume, making data-driven decisions and increase revenue and cross reference against a known, AOL Samurai Face database.


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