Announcing our new partnership with Corsight AI

Author: Art of Logic  Date Posted:10 March 2022 



Art of Logic has a history of innovative thinking and pioneering technologies in the world, specialise in developing and manufacturing hardware and software systems to complment artificial intelligence (AI) and computer vision in the existing Nx Witness VMS Ecosystem.

Corsight AI's core product, the Fortify facial recognition system, offers industry-leading accuracy in crowds and other challenging environments. It can accurately detect faces in almost complete darkness (2 – 3 lumens), at a 90° angle, with 45° angle elevation, in moving crowds, from low quality images, and requires as little as 50% of the face exposed. 

With top rankings in the NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) 2021 category for the VISA-Border and WILD tracks test, relevant for access control and more unconstrained use-cases such as those met in real-life, Corsight's facial recognition model ranks among the top 3% of submissions worldwide. This places Corsight among the top facial recognition providers in the industry. Corsight also puts privacy and ethics front and centre of its research and the software is developed to be ‘secure and with privacy by design’. Latest upgrades to Fortify have been proven to have reduced algorithm bias for both gender and race. 

Corsight's Fortify solution easily integrates with existing Nx Witness surveillance systems, equipping security professionals with a powerful real-time and forensic solution to rapidly pinpoint persons of interest, stop immediate threats, and ensure maximum safety. Corsight’s advanced facial recognition software integrated with the Nx Witness VMS means end-users can use specific cameras across their business to capture and analyse faces in real time, and trigger alerts based on facial recognition data. 


Art of Logic has integrated the world's best video management system with an industry leading Facial Recognition solutions provider, Corsight AI

Art of Logic is a leading developer of facial recognition integration software. We have now integrated and customised the latest facial and identity recognition technology software by Corsight with Nx Witness VMS (Video Management System), to overcome the limits of physical security and provide advanced video analytics for real-time, automated and low-bias biometric identification and surveillance operations. Every face capture is imported into Nx Witness VMS notification panel as a detailed capture and includes age, gender and sentiment.


Saving Valuable Time

Searching through hours of video footage to find a specific moment can be time consuming. Nx Witness now has the ability to integrate the latest in artificial intelligence and facial recognition tools to help security professionals and law enforcement personnel more easily conduct investigations quickly. Not only can Nx Witness detect faces, but it can also detect license plates and other events that are important to businesses



Nx Witness is a high-performance technology integrated software solution for IP video management. It is scalable and easy to use, the perfect solution for any environment that needs better protection, insights and management of people and assets. Nx Witness offers all the features and benefits of traditional surveillance systems, with none of the drawbacks. When you want to make sure that whatever happens in your business is always captured, recorded and available in high quality video, there's no better choice than Nx Witness.