Introducing AOL Samurai Vehicle

Author: Art of Logic  Date Posted:15 December 2022 

Introducing AOL Samurai Vehicle 

AOL Samurai Vehicle is a scalable solution enabling accurate license plate and vehicle recognition. A CCTV video stream is processed through an advanced algorithm, leveraging PlateRecognizer (3rd party solution), to determine not just the license plate number, but the make, model, type and colour of the vehicle as well. AOL Samurai Vehicle is utilised to effectively monitor and address public safety concerns, protect assets, and provide insights into businesses and communities, with the added ability to integrate video analytics and surveillance solutions that will ultimately improve overall visitor and residential experience.


Integrations & Functionality

Integrated seamlessly into Nx Witness VMS, AOL Samurai Vehicle allows for high accuracy detection of a plate within any given bay and the ability to cross check against bay parking perameters, and identify and produce evidence for an infringement notice to the relevant data source. The integration with Nx Witness VMS allows for advanced search functionality using any, all, or partial attributes and, utilising the same technology, AOL Samurai Vehicle can derive the average stay in and out of any environment, displayed in a visual dashboard, determine the frequency of visitation and determine the length of stay within the Local Government Area. 


Applicable Industries 

AOL Samurai Vehicle forms part of our Community solution parking infringement piece. Leveraging a 3rd party software solution, PlateRecognizer, Art of Logic engineers are able to, with high accuracy, determine a plate within a bay and cross check against bay parking parameters, identify and produce evidence for infringement to the required relevant data source.



  • Automated Parking Bay infringement based on customisable rules - allowing for around-the-clock monitoring and eliminating the need for manual car park monitoring.
  • Assists in curbing anti-social behaviour and hooning in local streets with illegal activity recorded, owner of the vehicle identified, and video evidence supplied to the relevant authorities.
  • Infringement alerting options including email and JSON to an endpoint. 



Councils have the ability to feed the data into their own BI tools (i.e. Power BI) to make real-time decisions and forward plan on how to best serve their residents. Councils have implemented this dashboard (pictured below) to assist with classifying related data sets e.g. the object is a white sedan, that is parked illegally and is the same vehicle that has also offended in three other streets in the past month. The AOL development team that has enabled this meta data with these metrics hardcoded which enables consistent alerts via Nx Witness VMS. Based on the data, Councils can predict future trends to ensure that plans are robust enough for their predicted growth. 



Download AOL Samurai Vehicle Media Release