Introducing AOL Samurai Face

Author: Art of Logic  Date Posted:15 December 2022 

Introducing AOL Samurai Face

AOL Samurai Face is a scalable and intelligent solution designed to detect, recognise and count (optional) human identities across your network. Facial recognition has advanced in leaps and bounds, and has become more accurate and reliable than ever before. AOL Samurai Face has been field tested and proven effective in real-world settings, with the ability to detect a face and test it against a known repository. With the incorporation of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, we can almost guarantee that the face we are seeing is the same face as that in the database. 

AOL Samurai Face can be tailored to a wide range of applications - from demographic analysis to detecting persons of interest such as VIP's, employees, or customers on a specified watch-list.


Integrations & Functionality 

Integrated seamlessly into Nx Witness VMS, AOL Samurai Face enables notifications in real-time when the added identities are detected. On top of this, AOL Samurai Face provides accurate customer-based statistics with people counting and demographic analysis.


Applicable Industries

Health & Aged Care

AOL Samurai Face allows you to detect and identify residents in your healthcare facility, reducing the risk of residents entering specific areas or leaving the premises unattended, ultimately helping create a safer, more compliant and more efficient facility.

Community & Aged Care

AOL Samurai Face analyses footage from CCTV cameras to identify and reduce anti-social behaviour within local communities.


AOL Samurai Face, connected to a highly-secure database of enrolled individuals, identifies employees, registered visitors, contractors, and ‘high risk’ people, to avoid incidents, re-inforce safety protocols and automate access control, with the added ability of sending alerts to management if required.


AOL Samurai Face will enable your business to gain an accurate understanding of demographics and repeat visitors in store and determine accurate details regarding the overall quality of the customer service interaction. AOL Samurai Face identifies people of interest from a customised watch-list, and, if a person from the list is identified, a notification will be sent to management for a quick response.



  • Fast and accurate detection of faces
  • Real time notifications using Nx Witness VMS 
  • Ease to use interface to add and modify faces
  • Runs entirely on premises
  • Intuitive platform to view your analytics
  • Provides valuable insights into your customer base


Download AOL Samurai Face Media Release