Introducing AOL Samurai Detect

Author: Art of Logic  Date Posted:15 December 2022 

Introducing AOL Samurai Detect

AOL Samurai Detect is an intelligent, agile and scalable solution for real-time video and image analysis. Our software allows you to easily extract valuable metadata from videos or images and use it within your applications like advanced attribute smart search, enabling different analytic plugins, real-time targeted notifications and powerful customisation of events that can be triggered via user defined selection criteria. 



Integrated seamlessly into Nx Witness VMS v5.0 means the Advanced Object Search function can include any Art of Logic defined objects from our Object Detection library, developed in-house.



Instead of having to sift through hours and hours of footage, AOL Samurai Detect can help you to automatically detect objects in a fraction of the time by selecting objects from a "standard selectable" database, or we can help you design a customised detection object that is unique to your own application.


Applicable Industries 

Our trained library contains, but is not limited to, the following categories:

  • Selectable Database: 
    • Car, motorbike, aeroplane, bus, train, truck, boat, cat, dog, horse, person, backpack, handbag, cell phone 
  • Community:
    • People, animals, vehicles, bags, public loitering, jet skis, boats, bicycles, illegal dumping, graffiti, trash cans, areas of interest (BBQ, public amenities, swing sets) 
  • Retail:
    • People, faces, heat & path mapping, dwell queue time, end cap monitoring, bags, animals, phone.
  • Health:
    • People, face, wheelchairs, walking frames, heat & path mapping, drug cabinet and sensitive area attendance. 
  • Industrial:
    • People, danger zone detection, PPE detection, vehicles 
























Product features: 

  • Set up alerts on Nx when an object becomes visible on camera-x between hours of y and z.
  • Identify personnel in unauthorised areas.
  • Identify an object in unauthorised areas.


Our cutting edge deep learning algorithms are able to detect objects, enabling us to power business intelligence across a range of verticals and allowing our customers to address their day to day challenges in new and innovative ways. 


Download AOL Samurai Detect Media Release