Announcing Our New Partnership With Hailo & Maris Technology

Author: Art of Logic  Date Posted:20 December 2022 

Art of Logic are excited to announce our partnership with Hailo & Maris Technology, as well as the development of our latest Artificially Intelligent solutions brought to the edge. These partnerships have allowed Art of Logic to incorporate unparalleled AI efficiency with the latest technology, delivering unmatched AI performance with low power consumption.

Our Ruggedized AI Edge Embedded Server and Europa Micro Server will be showcased at the International CES Event in Las Vegas in January 2023.  


Ruggedized AI Edge Embedded System

Our partnership with Hailo has allowed us to deliver highly efficient compute power to the edge. The Lenovo SE-30 Server, utilised due to its robust and rugged design, runs an 11th generation Intel Core i5 Processor and Hailo-8 M.2 Accelerator module, allowing for  high performance compute tasks whilst concurrently reducing the required power consumption. 

A fanless design ensures that air contaminants (e.g. dust) are not drawn into the internals of the PC, whilst providing efficient heat dissipation for improved performance. The ruggedized design provides excellent long-term reliability with a low maintenance overhead and low power consumption.

From solar powered to internally run edge analytics, this solution is optimised for our AOL Samurai Detection suite, allowing for large compute and AI loads, all whilst utilising a low power consumption design.

The Ruggedized AI Edge Embedded System can be utilised for a wide range of applications in various industries, such as vehicle recognition & public space utilisation in Smart Cities, people count in health care facilities and retail settings, and safety and operational efficiency on industrial sites. 


Europa Micro Server 

Art of Logic's Europa Micro Server, featuring high-definition video on the edge, integrated with Nx Witness VMS and 4 channels of AOL Samurai Detect, incorporates 4/5G networking, 6GB RAM, iMx8M Plus with ARM Cortex A53 Cores, Hailo-8 GPU and 512GB EMMC, GB Ethernet, 2 Audio Channels, 2 Video Inputs (however more through ethernet), GPS and accelerometer, GPIO. Designed to carry Nx Witness VMS and utilise the Hailo-8 GPU for machine learning/AI on all inputs and at an external size of 70 x 70 x 50mm and a power utilisation of under 10W, the Europa Micro Server is a technological masterpiece. 

Featuring superior energy efficiency and miniaturised form factor, the Europa Micro Server is suitable for a wide range of applications and industries, including edge based surveillance in Local Council Areas and Autonomous Vehicles. 



Download Hailo & Maris Partnership Media Release Here